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Charleston Forge Occasional Tables 

Interesting pieces make interesting rooms.

Our tables are made by hand, one hammer blow at a time.

No machine made can match the craft of the artisan. Complemented by solid wood tops or thick clear glass, interesting pieces making interesting rooms.

Howard Miller Floor Clock 610804

Floor clocks, traditionally known as “Grandfather Clocks” are being used as fashion-trend designs in many areas of the home or office settings. As a Howard Miller Gallery Dealer, we offer a large display of floor clocks and special order options.

Sundance Hall Table Sofa Console

Casual Elegance at it’s best.  Customization. Made in the USA


As the name implies, Urbane is elegant and sophisticated, impeccably styled yet inviting and functional collection. Proudly made in America to last! In fact it is made in Wisconsin…better yet!  Available in four primary maple stain finishes and numerous custom color stains and paints.