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Hi, I am Linda Nigbur, daughter of Larry Nigbur, founder and owner of Nigbur’s Fine Furniture. I joined the business in 1985 as a Sales Associate and did whatever other tasks were needed. I eventually took over most of the bookkeeping duties. Then in 1999 I was given the title of General Manager, and I remain in that position today!

You will most often see me out on the sales floor or in the office interacting with co-workers and customers. That is more enjoyable to me than “book work”!

I have only one child, Taylor. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas. My father and I still have hopes she will join the family business someday… Time will tell!


Debbie 2012Debbie
Beautifully crafted furniture is always a pleasure to work with, but making it a part of a home and seeing customers love the space that is created… that is inspiration. Encouraging customers to customize a piece of furniture or a whole room and experiencing how easy and approachable it can be is always fun, but making your ideas become your room with the comfort and use that is needed for that space is the best part of my job at Nigbur’s.

Since starting here in 1987, I have grown with the company and have become the Sales and Advertising Manager at Nigbur’s. This has been a demanding part of my job for several years, but any day of the week I am very happy to be working with customers.


Christine 2012Christine
Raised in Wausau, I began working for Nigbur’s Fine Furniture in 2010. I enjoy working with our customers; helping them turn their visions into a reality. I invite you to stop in at Nigbur’s and allow me to help you begin your project. From finding just the right accent piece to working with your architect and builder, we can do it “just the way you like it!”


Gloria 2012Gloria
My name is Gloria. I came to Nigbur’s in 2008 with a background of customer service and cashiering at other local businesses since 1982. I am usually the voice you hear when you phone the store. I do order entries, all the service coordination and set up deliveries. I hope to make your experience with our office procedures a pleasant one… I grew up on the north side of town… I am “home-grown”, just like Nigbur’s Fine Furniture!

Come to Nigbur’s to see what we can do for you!